Lou Bradley 

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Love Someone
The Other Side
Love Someone .  Released in 2007. ARIA nominated, this album is Lou's first full length studio albumproduced by Rod McCormack

The Other Side. Released in 2014. This is Lou's third full length release and captures what she thinks is the other side of her writing style, coming from influences such as Carole King, Lennon/McCartney, The Other Side was produced by Anthony Lycenko.   
Moonshine. Released in 2015. This is Lou's 4th full length album and captures what she describes as Roots Music coming straight out of the hills. Dedicated to her late father, Moonshine was recorded in Bill Chambers' house with  Bill, Phil Chaffer and Lou sitting in a circle playing her songs from begining to end. No overdubs or edits. .    ​​

1. Too Far Gone
2. Small Town Blues
3. One Shoe
4. Love Someone
5. Old Fashioned Girl
6. Falling Out Of Love
7. Apples And Grapes
8. Open Up Your Door
9. Way Up high
10. Edith
11. Forget About Me
12. Them Old Hills

1. The Other Side
2. Where Is That Wind?
3. Man In The Mirror
4. Wish I Was
5. One Of Those Nights
6. Don't Burst My Bubble
7. Laugh Out Loud
8. Green And Gold
9. Coal Mines
10. All My Trouble
11. Is That All Thre is To Love?
12. I'm Alive
13. Flying
14. Changing Is Good

1. Like Making Water
2. Washed Up Hippy
3. Cheers Barbara (For Mum)
4. Falling Off The World
5. Practice What You Preach
6. Moonshine
7. Wild
8. Winter Blues
9. I Like It That Way
10. You Were Always There For Me (For Dad)