Lou Bradley 
​Lou is...

I am the artist, singer song writer Lou Bradley. I am a girl, in case the name threw you. I was born in Avalon Sydney, Australia and moved to the hills of Mullumbimby on the far north coast of NSW in 2000 after my sister passed and a I realized that life is too short to not  follow your dreams.

I have played music forever. When i was four years old, singing Marcia Hines songs into a cigarette lighter to a bunch of drunk English men on a train. I left home when i was 15. I moved to Redfern Sydney with my fellow band members at the time and we played in pubs all over Sydney. In those days I learned how to be a band mamber, groupie, booking agent and band manager! I sat in and had meetings with record comapnies.  from the age of 18.

Now when I perform  all around the country,  it's mostly my husband Phil the banjo player,  me and sometimes our loyal, trusted and dear friend double bass player - Rod Coe. 

Album stories:

 I started writing songs when we moved to the hills of Mullumbimby  and when i had 6 good ones, I recorded an EP at a local wearhouse studio in Byron Bay.  I finished the EP around the same time as Australian Roots Music Icon John Butler was offering a grant for new artists to help start their career - the JB Seed. I decided to enter, and was lucky enough to receive a grant to tour the Northern Territory. What a great start! 

After touring, I decided to take this all a little more seriously and recorded my first full length album.

 I had written a whole bunch of  mountain songs, because I lived in the  mountains and that's  how they came out and I wrote a bunch of pop style country and roots songs that told stories about my world  and went and found a producer that had the best rep in the genre. Rod McCormack. I recorded my debut album Love Someone, with  Rod.

Love Someone was nominated as a finalist for an ARIA.  The ARIA's are the highest music accolades in Australia. Lucky me! 

Since then, I have released 3 other albums.  My second album, La La La Not Listening was produced by  Shane Nicholson and my most recent one that I have released in 2014, The Other Side produced by Anthony Lycenko. The Other Side is perhaps the the other side of my usual work....Nothing old time or  country about it really...I think it comes from my city girl influences and my love of songwriters like Lennon McCartney and Carole King.

My latest album is Moonshine. It is a completely live album recorded and produced by Bill Chambers at Bill Chambers' house with Bill Chambers, Phillip Chaffer and me sitting in a circle playing my songs. That's it. No edits, no overdubs.

  Working on a new release....more soon.
                          Lou Bradley.


"...Lou Bradley is brimming with honest emotion.....her album Moonshine captures perfectly the joy of making music for musics sake....Bradley has the prettiest and most delicate of voices, like some outback Iris Dement, with a high lonesome aspect that tears at the heartstrings." Polly Coufos - THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN - 4 Stars.

"....Lou Bradley has the most distinctive voice in Australian Roots Music....The Mullumbimby singer is a first rate writer who sings of life experiences through songs that avoid the crushing blandness that dogs the lyrics on most Australian Country albums.....there is a sweet dynamic at the heart of Lou Bradley's albums....her voice is sweet and alluring and this contrasts nicely with the spiky intelligence and independence that comes through in her writing...."" David Costello - Courier Mail - 4 stars